The Intellectual Output 4 aims at developing the Student Portfolio to monitor students’ progress and achievement over time. A student portfolio is most effective when it is used to evaluate student learning progress and achievement. A portfolio can help teachers monitor and evaluate learning progress over time and helps teachers determine whether students can apply what they have learned to new problems and different subject areas. A portfolio can encourage students to take more ownership and responsibility for the learning process. The portfolio also can be a physical collection of student work and will include materials such as written assignments, written works, lab work, tests, detailed answers to questions, etc.Also, materials related to academic achievement: awards, honors, medals, certificates, assessments and recommendations of teachers.

Target groups:
Parents from disadvantaged groups (parents from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds (learning difficulties, health issues, social and economic struggles, disadvantaged background, parents from a migrant background (immigrants, refugees), Roma people, rural people;
Teachers , professionals who work with children from disadvantaged groups;
School professionals working with children from disadvantaged groups.
Children from disadvantaged groups

This target group will help to create the Students’ Portfolio. They have to be able to understand what kind of work parents can do at home, what methods they should use, how they should behave with children for increasing children educational skills at home.

The innovative aspects of this Intellectual Output:
Student portfolios can improve communication between teachers and parents. A portfolio can also help parents become more informed about the education and learning progress of their children, what is being taught in a particular course, and what students are doing and learning in the classroom. Also, when parents are more informed about and engaged in their child’s education, they can play a more active role in supporting their children at home, which could have a beneficial effect on academic achievement and long-term student outcomes.

You can download the IO-4 <here>




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