The Intellectual Output 1 aims at identifying key competencies required by children and parents from disadvantaged groups in order to develop and acquire basic skills which in the future will contribute to their employability, socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life. Partners will go through in-depth research and collect good practices using EU, non-EU projects and their previous experiences in supporting and learning children and parents from disadvantage groups.

The collected materials in the IO1 will serve as the base material for further action on the project:
• creation of materials for interviews;
• preparation of materials for focus group;
• elaboration of the Parents´ guides (IO2);
• elaboration of the Guide to foster a parent-student relationship at home (IO3);
• elaboration of the Student Portfolio (IO4).

Target group:
Immigrant NGOs, volunteer organizations, international organizations that provide services, education, outreach for people with disadvantaged backgrounds, Minority Rights Groups, ethnic organizations, United Nations Regional Working Group on Roma, ERGO network, organizations working with rural people etc. These types of target groups have a clear understanding of the condition and development of people from disadvantaged groups. They understand their needs and level of educational skills.

The innovative aspects of this Output are the stress on identifying relevant key competencies competencies for the development of children with disadvantaged backgrounds, studying different difficulties and limitations for involvement for the parents across the EU. This research will show what is the risk of exclusion of children with disadvantaged backgrounds and what gaps they have and their parents in developing key skills. Best practices collected and analyzed will provide useful, up-to-date information and practical information for parents, children, teachers, school professions, education providers and migrant associations on how to support and learn children from disadvantaged groups through parents’ involvement.

The results of the IO1 will have the following impact:
Enhance the quality and variety of learning opportunities available for children with disadvantaged backgrounds and for their parents;
Disseminate the concept of involving parents and teachers into development and learning at professional and personal levels for children with a disadvantaged backgrounds in Europe.


Transnational Report

SEE-ME Best Practice Review



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