The Intellectual Output 3 aims at developing materials, exercises, tools for the Guide to foster a parent-student relationship at home (guidance of the child by parents, support, assisting with homework, language, host society traditions, etc) that will be used to help parents to reflect on their experiences and to gain further knowledge about the education of their children. In order to support and guide their children, parents with disadvantaged educational backgrounds are required to learn both the foundation skills and then the more complex skills, read, write, spell and calculate at the proper level. Enhancing parents’ relationship with children and increasing parent participation in the educational process can be highly effective for tackling early school leaving and promotion of inclusion.The Guide for parents will consist of easy and practical recommendations, understandable materials that parents will use to support their child in learning at home. The Guide will be developed based on results from materials that have been previously developed (IO2).

target groups:
The innovative aspects of this Intellectual Output are the creation of the Guide to foster a parent-student relationship at home (assisting with homework) that will help parents and give them a tool on how to support their children in education. The Guide will be developed to provide parents with current information about guidance on the most appropriate identification, intervention and support. This Guide will be consistent with new research findings and current practice, which will be systematic in actions. The Guide will have systematic, informative and practical value. This output will mainly impact the level of support and help of parents from disadvantaged groups.It will allow parents to encounter the basic aspects of disadvantaged learning backgrounds in order to give children with disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to reach a higher level of education through their support and assistance in the future. The child parents cooperation will give a great chance to achieve mutual understanding and support.

You can download the IO-3 <here>



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